Dr. Bray takes part in Education and Public Outreach as much as possible. This includes lecture series and impact cratering demonstrations for schools. You can find talks and school Q&A sessions on the youtube link below. When on active mission duties, Veronica post updates to Twitter.

Impacts & Astrobiology

Dr. Bray teamed up with the Planetary Science Institute to develop course materials for students of all ages to learn about asteroid impacts on Earth. Online materials are available to all. The impact rock kit can be rented out within the USA for free:  http://www.psi.edu/epo/explorecraters/rockkits.html

Dr. Bray has lectured astrobiology at the University of Arizona.  This course explores questions about the origin, evolution, and future of life on Earth and the possibility of life arising independently elsewhere in the Universe. In class, students examine what it means for a planet to be habitable, both in terms of basic necessities for living organisms and environmental limits to their ability to survive. For more details about the planetary science courses available at the University of Arizona, please go to the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory’s site and follow the tabs Academics > Undergraduate.

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